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Whether you have short or long term financial goals in mind, we have a savings account that is tailored to cater for your specific needs, this type of accounts allows you to save money, but it does not allow widthrawals for a different purpose other than the purpose for which the acount was created.

Our benefits include;


Earn up to 0.5% monthly

Saving consistently and avoiding unnecessary expenditures are some of the key factors to bear in mind if you want to be on the right path to investing in your future. With ABC Savings Account, not only do you get to reach your desired personal savings goal, you also earn 0.5% on your savings monthly.


Increase Your Cash Flow

You get to improve your cash flow with ABC SAVINGS Account; whether you are a seller or a buyer of goods and services, you need a reliable partner who can simplify transactions for your business by organizing your finances for your trade, business, projects or goals. With our complete range of finance services and products, we can assist you with structuring complex saving accounts for your business or projects.

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